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Movie set VDO

The best way to keep your cast and crew happy is through their stomachs. Chef Groupzee's Homemade Thai food is always the talk of the production. Everyone loves Thai food and we even have great hot Thai breakfast selections. Chef Groupzee has catered for movies and wrap parties with Florence Henderson, Tom Arnold and the entire cast of The Bachelor Pad. Call now for pricing and availability

Party & Wedding

Our delicious and elegant Thai Hors D'oeuvre's will defiantly get the party started.

Choose from a fantastic selection of Thai entree's that will make your event the talk of the town. Spicy non-spicy and Vegan options available 

We will work with your budget to make it all happen.




 Cooking lesson party

Our B&G you can request for private lesson group start.....

2-10 people

10-20 people

20-30 people

Up - 100 or more

I'm a description
I'm a description


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