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-Quinoa Salad

-B&G Fresh Green Mix salad

   On the side: choose Boiled eggs, Turkey meat, dried Cranberries, Almond & Crouton

Appetizer :

-Dumpling with Chicken

  ----or Veggie Dumpling 

-Egg roll Vegetable 

-Wonton With ground meat

 -----or Veggie with Wonton 

Choose for Entrees: (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp , Fish or Seafood)

-B&G Orange Chicken

-B&G Veggie tofu orange Chicken (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-Sweet and Sour pineapple and onion with meat

-Sweet and Sour pineapple and onion with Tofu (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-B&G Stir Ginger with Meat

-B&G Stir Ginger with Tofu and Veggie (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-Fresh Brollicc with Meat 

-Fresh Brollicc with Tofu (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-B&G Tao chicken style with bell pepper ,carrot and onion

-B&G Tao Tofu style with bell pepper ,carrot and onion (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-Stir with Broccoli with Beef 

-Stir with Broccoli with Tofu  (ONLY ? people vegetarian)

-Kho Pho celery, Zucchini Bell pepper and onion with Chicken

-Kho Pho celery, Zucchini, Bell pepper and onion with Tofu (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-Cho Mein Mix Vegetable with chicken

-Cho Mein Mix Vegetable with Tofu (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-Stir Garlic with Chicken

-Stir Garlic with Tofu (ONLY ? people vegetarian or Vegan)

-Chop Souy Mix Vegetable with Meat

-Chop Souy Mix veggie and Tofu

Fish Option:

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with black pepper & Sea salt) 

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with sweet basil & BRUSCHETTA seasoning mix) 

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with dried Parsely) 

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with dried cheery & tomato with black pepper & Sea salt)

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with lime juice and lemongrass with Sea salt) 

Noodle Option:

-Cho Mein mix Vegetable 

-Skinny noodle (Rice noodle ) 

-Flat Noodle (Rice noodle)

**** Gluten on the Request!!!!!

Rice or Fried Rice

-Jasmine Rice 

-B&G Fried Rice


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