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   American Food   



-Quinoa Salad

-B&G Fresh Green Mix salad


  On the side: choose Boiled eggs, Turkey meat, dried Cranberries, Almond & Crouton

Appetizer :

-B&G Fresh Garlic Bread

-Macaroni and Cheese (Vegetarian)

-Mash Potato (Vegan)

-B&G Au Gratin casserole Cheese Potato 

-B&G Fresh with White Bread

-Fish on the Stick

Choose Entrees: (Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Fish or Seafood)

-B&G American BBQ with Chicken 

-B&G American BBQ with Tofu Cake on the Stick (ONLY ? people vegan, vegetarian) 

-Chicken Tender

-Tofu Cake Tender 

-Any Pasta noodle stir with Chicken

-Any Pasta noodle stir with all Veggie and Tofu (ONLY ? people vegan, vegetarian) 

-Rainbow Rotini mix with Chicken/Turkey.... meat 

-Rainbow Rotini mix with Tofu and Veggie (ONLY ? people vegan, vegetarian) 

-B&G Linguini sauce with meat ball

-B&G Linguini sauce without meat with Tofu (ONLY ? people vegan, vegetarian)

-Potato Gnocchi with Alfredo sauce 

-Potato Gnocchi with Veggie and Alfredo Sauce (ONLY? People Vegan, Vegetarian)

Burger Option: 

-B&G with Chicken Burger

-B&G  with Veggie Burger (ONLY ? people vegan, vegetarian)

-Pulled Pork Burger

-Veggie Burger

-B&G Pulled with chicken meat

-Veggie Burger

-White fish Burger

-Veggie Burger (ONLY ? people vegan vegetarian)

   *** Come with:  B&G Burn, Tomato, Cheese and Sauce on the side!!!!! 

Fish Option:

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with black pepper & Sea salt) 

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with sweet basil & BRUSCHETTA seasoning mix) 

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with dried Parsely) 

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with dried cheery & tomato with black pepper & Sea salt)

-B&G baked Tilapia Fish (with lime juice and lemongrass with Sea salt) 

Noodle choice: 

-Spaghetti Pasta Noodle with Alfredo Sauce

-Rotini Pasta Noodle with Alfredo Sauce

-Linguini Pasta Noodle with Alfredo Sauce

-Penne Pasta Noodle with Alfredo Sauce

-Angel Hair Pasta Noodle with Alfredo Sauce

***On your requests Gluten Pasta Noodle

Choice of Veggie

-Brollicc / Carrot / Culiflower / Green Bean / Grill Zuchinii 

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